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Peter Hu




Zhengzhuang Village, Xingwan Town, Xingtai City, Hebei Province, China


QA34- 10 is a new type punching machine, punching machine series of products.The machine has the advantages of novel design, reasonable structure, beautiful appearance, and convenient installation. Compared with similar products, has the advantages of low energy consumption, high power, wide processing range, etc. An ideal machine for multi - position shear punching of sheet metal.

We went all over the world participate in the exhibitions.  
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Performance of machine:
This machine can be used in punching low carbon into tensile <450MPa cold steel, angle steel, square steel, flat steel and steel plate, and can also profiled processing and punching diagonal - copper and copper, similar shape of non-ferrous metal products can also be the processing. Especially for machinery, electric power, construction, light industry, and other factories, the industry of steel. This machine has the characteristics of high power consumption, large power, small size, light weight, compact structure, flexible operation, convenient operation and maintenance.
Technical specifications:
Stroke per minute: 30 / min.
Electric machine: 380V 3Kw
Shape size (mm) 1200X500X950 (long X width X high)
Quality: 800kg