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  • QA34-10 Metal punching and shearing machine
  • QA34-10 Metal punching and shearing machine
  • QA34-10 Metal punching and shearing machine

QA34-10 Metal punching and shearing machine

Max. Punching force:• 500KN

Cutter stoke length:• 30mm

Cutting frequency:• 30 times/min

Motor power:• 3KW, 380V, 50HZ

Size:• 1000x600x1200mm

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QA34- 10 is a new type punching machine, punching machine series of products.The machine has the advantages of novel design, reasonable structure, beautiful appearance, and convenient installation. Compared with similar products, has the advantages of low energy consumption, high power, wide processing range, etc. An ideal machine for multi - position shear punching of sheet metal.

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Performance of machine:
This machine can be used in punching low carbon into tensile <450MPa cold steel, angle steel, square steel, flat steel and steel plate, and can also profiled processing and punching diagonal - copper and copper, similar shape of non-ferrous metal products can also be the processing. Especially for machinery, electric power, construction, light industry, and other factories, the industry of steel. This machine has the characteristics of high power consumption, large power, small size, light weight, compact structure, flexible operation, convenient operation and maintenance.
Technical specifications:
Stroke per minute: 30 / min.
Electric machine: 380V 3Kw
Shape size (mm) 1200X500X950 (long X width X high)
Quality: 800kg

This machine is made up of electric motor, fuselage, and transmission system, operating clutch system and working part. The motor belt pulley is transmitted to the large belt pulley by the triangle belt, and the belt wheel is coaxial with the helical gear shaft and the key is connected. The other helical gear, which is engaged with the helical gear shaft, is transmitted to the eccentric shaft by means of two sets of shafts and teeth. Due to the eccentricity of the eccentric shaft, connecting rod (on the eccentric shaft) driven moving knife holder within the body to do up and down movement, movable knife seat is provided with a movable knife, knife edge and punch. In the left wall body are respectively provided with a fixed blade, the knife edge and die base etc.. Due to a movable blade reciprocating motion, and between the movable blade and the fixed blade can shear profiles, between the upper and lower blade can shear plate and flat steel, in punching, die cutting and punching die.
Eccentric axis distance is equal to 15 mm, the shear cutter stroke for 30 mm, when the eccentric shaft every 30 minutes to turn the motor, knives are with the same number of up and down reciprocating motion, i.e. per minute maximum punching number is 30.
Moving knife holder of the reciprocating motion is controlled by the clutch, step on the pedal switch, metal flexible shaft drives the operation rod 22 out of turn key thugs 20, turn key 21 in 23 of the action of the tension spring, roll out with the gear combination, by the gear drives the eccentric shaft, the movable knife holder to complete the up and down reciprocating motion, unclamp footswitch, the operation rod counter rotating key thugs, turn the key top to clutch, gear and the eccentric shaft from, the movable knife seat along with stop motion.
 Machine lubrication and maintenance:
(1) Maintenance of machine:
A.The machine is installed in place, should be the first wipe clean, and coated with a new lubricant, until the machine is fully lubricated, can be officially opened.
B.The machine is in operation, should pay attention to the heating sleeve, bearing and motor temperature is too high, should stop using.
C.Should be promptly cleaned up all the work of the tool and tool around the debris.
D.Each class after the end, must will be cleaning the machine net, oiling, to prevent rust. The machine is not a long time should remove the motor, stored in a dry place.
(2) Lubrication of machine:
Good lubrication and correct oil, can ensure the normal operation of the machine, and can prolong its service life, so must pay attention to the lubrication of the machine. The machine uses lithium or calcium based grease.
A.The machine should be lubricated by the timing, quantitative injection of qualified lubricating oil (grease).
B. Lubricating oil should be stored in a closed container, often kept clean.
C. The machine is often unused, must be in the sliding rail at the lubrication oil (grease).
D. Lubrication schematic
Installation and usage of the machine:
(1) Installation of the machine 
This machine is used before to be fixed on the anchor bolt, before installation should be according to the position shown lay the concrete foundation, do to be solid foundation, the machine adjustment to the horizontal position and fasten. After that the test run is allowed.
(2) Preparation
A. The hand turns the big belt wheel, the observation gear meshing is correct.
B. Check the parts of the fastening and loosening of the screw, check that the cover is reliable, each part whether obstacles
C. Circuit, motor must be in accordance with the provisions of the wiring, the bottom line contact to be strong
D. Must be in accordance with the lubrication of the machine
E. Empty test, found to have abnormal noise should stop immediately, check the reason and timely repair.
(3) Note in the use of machinery
A. After the machine starts, it is time to check whether the inertia wheel is correct, and it is not correct to use the machine.
B. Batch cutting, the use of the baffle positioning for continuous feeding.
1. A movable blade fixing cut shear angle steel, round steel, Fang Gang.
2. On the lower edge, shear plate, flat steel.
3. Special angle punch and punch bottom shear angle knife shaped (see photo), punch and die can punch.
4. All kinds of knife edge and the punch cannot be mixed or work at the same time.
Special angle shearing diagrams
D. In a movable blade and a fixed blade between the shear angle, through the height adjusting rack disk can solve angle pot incision horseshoe. .
E. With the upper edge and the lower edge cutting, with the top wire to board flat on top and then cut, otherwise it will soon hit a knife
F. The gap between each blade and punch
1. On the blade, knife edge wear or after repair, the gap on both sides should be banished the whole uniform, adjust the gap to cut 3% thick plate.
2. Special angle punch and special angle iron bottom cutter is used, the gap should be adjusted to the shear angle thickness of 1/10.
3. In order to use the screw to adjust the die and punch the concentric position.
4. Punching hole, should will unload slot die, the Kong Moan on the die seat and fixed by screws, then the die fixed seat on the body, to be uniformly punch and die gap around the adjustment can be die cut (sheet thickness greater than 6 must positive heterotypic angle at the end of a knife unloading
G. To change the blade or the blade for the other side, the fixed blade and the movable blade can be replaced or replaced by the pad and the pad. When installing, blade is movably installed after the installation of the fixed blade. After mounting pad block and a pressing iron and tighten the bolts can be (to sharpen the knife blade, when install the pad please pad on the thickness of the gasket). When the blade is changed, the frame is changed to the surface of the material plate.
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